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We're an American company based in the northeastern United States with regional roots in our country's energy and forest industries and global reach and involvements, including access to cutting-edge technologies for producing presently available and advanced biofuels from renewable biomass. Our management and advisory team includes veteran energy project developers and proven specialists in project planning, permitting, engneering, construction and finance, business development, rural economic development, international public relations, public affairs and community relations.


We're focused on renewable biomass.


  • As a project developer, NCI is focused on renewable biomass, which is organic waste that is usually dumped in landfills, openly burned, or left as fodder for forest fires. Renewable biomass can include forest debris, logging waste, agricultural harvest waste, agribusiness waste, and dedicated, inedible energy crops grown on marginal lands or wastelands. 



  • Biomass power plants use these natural materials as feedstocks to generate clean, renewable electricity while reducing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. 


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